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FuturumShop - Sport is our passion

They have Grinta

Wind, cold, rain. Continuing training in winter isn’t always easy and fun. You need grinta for that: perseverance, courage, character. The absolute will to win. These costumers of FuturumShop have grinta. Do you have it?

Name: Remco Hoogerwerf (left)
Age: 40
Residence: Amsterdam
“Almost two years ago I fractured my hip and femur. I slipped my bike on a cattle grid. Being back on my old level, and competing in triathlons, is a bigger achievement that Gold at La Marmotte. I did that sportive 5 years ago. I have never experienced more pain on my bike than during that climb. Wonderful! But I showed my real grinta during my recovery.”

Name: Etienne van Heel (center)
Age: 28
Residence: Dronten
“It was during the climb of the Tourmalet. With a friend I got in the car and drove to south France. It happened spontaneous! We wanted to see the Tour de France, and ride a little bit ourselves. And there it was: the Tourmalet. It was still on my bucket list of mountains to climb. The first day we have rode our bikes to get used to altitude, the day after we climbed it. That was mental. Pure grinta.”

Name: Maarten Tjallingii (right)
Age: 39
Residence: Dronten
“When I fractured my hip in the Tour and continued, I had grinta, but also when I got third in Paris-Roubaix and when I won the Tour of Belgium. Maybe I even showed most grinta in Tour of Qinghai Lake 2006. Me winning a stage race with mountains, was complete wacky. If I would have admit to the fact I couldn’t climb, I would have never won that race. One of the mountains – a 40km climb! – was a mental game. I talked to myself: if I reach the summit within 4 minutes of the rest, I will get back in the descent. I let the rest go and choose my own pace. At one point I came back in a little group, with pretty decent climbers. I thought: wow, I’m still in the race! Wearing the leaders jersey gave me an extra boost. It made me fly. I thought: you guys first have to make up the advantage I got on you.”



These products weren't designed for ordinary people.
They were designed for cyclist.
Extraordinary people that are half man, half bike.
Both halves as light as possible, so that they can carry
the heavy desire for the mind. And the pain.

FUTURUM is a natural born cyclist. FUTURUM feels
what you feel. Whether it's the excruciating pain in
your legs, or the indescribable sense of fulfillment
when the ride is over. FUTURUM understands why you
keep climbing back onto your bike, over and over

FUTURUM knows you need products that take you
gladly through your torment.
Products that support your performance and make
you feel good - despite the agony.
FUTURUM knows that you catch yourself thinking,
"Why am I doing this?"
But you, and FUTURUM, both know
there will be a next time;
and a next one!