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Eco-Friendly. Cyclists and FUTURUM Quality Gear love the nature



We cyclists enjoy the nature around us. We look for the highest mountains to enjoy spectacular views. We often cycle fast, but we also value the little things around us. Cyclists simply love nature! As a strongly growing cycling brand, we are aware that we have a social responsibility to protect nature and to operate sustainably.


When you produce a lot of products, sell them online and send them by post, you have to think carefully about the packaging. Plastic in packaging is useless. It is all about the product, you tend to immediately throw away the plastic after receiving your package. FUTURUM Quality Gear has therefore consciously opted for packaging in FSC-certified cardboard boxes. We do not use plastic. We have been shipping without plastic in our packages since 2016, saving over 100.000 pieces of plastic packaging.


What many customers don’t know is that sometimes a product has been all over the world before it is bought in the store. Due to lower production and labour costs abroad, it is in many cases very lucrative to have them assembled or produced elsewhere. However, all these logistic movements have a huge impact on our environment. FUTURUM Quality Gear strives to minimize these movements. We produce as close as possible to home, for instance in Italy and Portugal.

A great example: the assembling of our sunglasses is done just 35 km from our headquarters in Apeldoorn in the Netherlands!


You can choose to make products that look great, are highly functional, but break down after a few years so a customer will quickly buy another one. FUTURUM Quality Gear acts different and consciously chooses sustainability as the most important condition in our product development. Always. Products simply have to last a very long time. This is expressed in the choice for the right materials for cycling clothing, but also by adding extra reinforcements at strategic positions to decrease wear and tear. We rely on the durability of our products in such a way that we offer you a lifetime guarantee. In the end, even our product design supports this long-life approach. We focus on classic and functional design instead of chasing short-term trends.


FUTURUM Quality Gear opts for the very best and most durable materials. We believe in the qualities of Merino. The Merino sheep is known all over the world for its wool quality as it has natural antibacterial properties and when it touches moisture, Lanoline is released and keeps the wool fresh for long period of time. An aditional advantage of Merino wool is that it's fully biodegradable, leaving nothing behind in the environment after a relatively short period. We are proud that we could add more and more products with 98% Merino, because frequently sold base layers are made of plastic, polyester-like fabrics. When it is burnt, it is harmful to the environment and it also does not vanish when it is released in the environment. Merino is 100% biodegradable. You can wash the Merino wool at only 30 degrees in the washing machine.


Anyone can start making a small difference. In its communication, FUTURUM Quality Gear always points out the small details that make a difference.

- Wash eco-friendly at 30 degrees
- Throw away your packaging where you should. Paper belongs in the paper bin, and so on.
- We do not throw energy bar wrappers, banana peels, broken inner tubes and bottles into nature.