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Why to choose PROFORMANCE

Since we have recently launched new JORIS and PEPIJN short sleeve jerseys, we think it might be helpful for you to get some explanations on how the two jersey ranges differ and why the decision for PROFORMANCE is smarter than opting for a typical club or fashion jersey.

Please note that FUTURUM Quality Gear’s PROFORMANCE jerseys have been thoroughly tested and developed with the help of former PRO Maarten Tjallingii. Now, the PROS of Leopard Pro Cycling rely on them every single kilometer on the bike in their strive for the best PERFORMANCE. By continuous improvements based on these experiences and test results, both the JORIS and PEPIJN jerseys are race proven and therefore of the best possible quality for you as a customer.

The main features of these very popular short sleeve jerseys:
✓ Strategically placed mesh panels that provide an easier inlet for fresh air
✓ Easy-to-reach storage pockets on the side of the jersey
✓ Lightweight and breathable fabrics
✓ Aero sleeves
✓ Full length zipper & reflective details



Used by the PROS of Leopard Pro Cycling. An allround jersey with amazing features.

The JORIS is the range that is currently used in professional races and therefore differs from PEPIJN, hence why we call this jersey JORIS Pro. Being the successor of the original JORIS jersey, this new version has some exciting new features. Think about the strategically placed mesh panels which are placed a bit more to the front than you are used to. This allows for an easier inlet for fresh air, which you have never experienced before, especially in warmer conditions. Something else that is striking at first glance are the unique easy-to-reach storage pockets on the side of the jersey. By having these outer pockets with an angled opening, you can also take your energy gels whilst going all out during your great PERFORMANCE.

Jerseys JORIS

Strategically placed mesh panels that are placed more to the front, to allow fresh air to enter the jersey

Jerseys JORIS

Aero sleeves so you enjoy optimal speed advantages

Jerseys JORIS

Strong zipper with covered end at the chin

The Leopard Pro Cycling riders fully rely on the JORIS jersey, especially because of the aero sleeves and the tight race fit. These aero advantages make you faster, something that is surely important for you as a cyclist who knows that every detail counts. Whilst wearing the jersey, your comfortable feeling remains due to the lightweight and breathable fabrics. You will also be protected from the sun well as the jersey provides UV protection and reduces the build-up of heat. All in all a jersey that has amazing features.

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Saved weigth by only using one silicon gripper on the back

Jerseys JORIS

Large storage pockets offer plenty of space to bring your essentials

Jerseys JORIS

Easy-to-reach storage pockets on the side of the jersey


Our new challenger. A jersey with an unmatched price:performance ratio.

With the PEPIJN jersey you can enjoy real FUTURUM quality at a surprisingly low price. This does by far not mean that it lacks quality. We often refer to the PEPIJN jersey as our new challenger, a jersey with an unmatched price:performance ratio. You have never seen such great quality at this price point. In the summer - or spring and fall, combined with arm warmers - the PEPIJN jersey is a bull’s-eye shot for every cyclist out there. Both the lightweight fabric and the mesh panels under the armpits provide such a comfortable, breathable feeling that you will enjoy riding your bike for hours and hours.

Jerseys PEPIJN

Breathable characteristics, mainly due to the mesh panels

Jerseys PEPIJN

Solid zipper so you can manage your own ventilation

In contrary to the JORIS jersey, the PEPIJN has a semi-race fit. This means that the jersey will still be tight as you are used to, but doesn’t have the aero advantages. Furthermore, you will find all essentials in this jersey, such as a strong zipper and plenty of storage space in the three large back pockets. If you want to make your bike ride a delight, the PEPIJN jersey has it all.

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Bring your essentials in three large back pockets

Jerseys PEPIJN

A semi-race fit like you are used to, without JORIS' aero advantages