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Let’s discuss: FUTURUM Quality Gear’s four cycling jackets
FUTURUM Quality Gear jackets


FUTURUM Quality Gear offers four jackets, all specifically developed for specific circumstances and fields of use.

When the temperature drops more and more and the wind can do what it want, you can hardly get on the road without a high quality cycling jacket. FUTURUM Quality Gear offers four jackets, which all protect you well in certain situations. Let’s discuss all of them, so you know exactly what to expect. You’ll benefit, we promise!

The four FUTURUM Quality Gear jackets

#1 - PROFORMANCE Wind Vest Superlight
#2 - PROFORMANCE Wind Jacket Lightweight
#3 - PROFORMANCE Rain Jacket Packable
#4 - 4 SEASONS Jacket

#1 - PROFORMANCE Wind Vest Superlight Merino

"Your go to option in chilly conditions. A typical vest that always works when you start to get a bit cold."

The PROFORMANCE Wind Vest Superlight Merino is a must have for every cyclist. This wind vest is unique because of the use of merino in the back. This fine wool gives the vest a high breathability at the back. This keeps your body at the right temperature... The fabric at the front keeps the wind out, so you won't get cold at the front. The vest is very light and compact. About to ride your bike in the mountains? Then this vest does wonders in the descents...

Because you can fold this Wind Vest into a compact size, it’s very easy to take it with you since it will perfectly fit into its own storage compartment. Just in case. Combine this Wind Vest with the PROFORMANCE Arm Warmers Thermo and you can quickly change your outfit on days with large temperature differences. The vest fits perfectly on the body and the reflective transfers offer extra visibility in traffic. In short: a real, versatile highlight of the FUTURUM Quality Gear collection.

To Wind Vest Superlight

Wind Vest Superlight

#2 - PROFORMANCE Wind Jacket Lightweight

"Lots of wind and perhaps some light rain? The PROFORMANCE Wind Jacket Lightweight is an excellent choice!"

As you would expect, this high-quality PROFORMANCE Wind Jacket Lightweight provides your body with excellent protection against strong winds and light rainfall. The uniqueness of this jacket is the fact that the material has a DWR coating. This repels water and keeps the fabric itself as dry as possible. The jacket is windproof, but thanks to the special membrane it also offers good breathability. The time when you suffer from overheating is now really over!

The name suggests that the windbreaker is super lightweight. Of course, this is the case. This means that you won't experience any extra weight that might stand in the way of optimal performances. The jacket fits nicely as it runs along the body for maximum comfort. The comfortable feeling is boosted by the high collar that keeps the neck warm and the beautifully finished cuffs. What catches your eye immediately is a slightly longer back panel that protects against the spray from wet roads and keeps your back warm at the same time. We suggest to combine this jacket with a base layer and a breathable cycling jersey.

To Wind Jacket Lightweight

Wind Jacket Lightweight

#3 - PROFORMANCE Rain Jacket Packable

"A ominous sky, rain on the horizon? Of course you choose to ride your bike again. You should pick this rain jacket as well."

Cycling in the wind and rain is something the most fanatic cyclists are known for. Just like the aforementioned PROFORMANCE Wind Vest Superlight, this jacket is super easy to carry in the back pocket of your cycling jersey. The big difference lies in the fact that this PROFORMANCE Rain Jacket Packable is both wind and waterproof thanks to the chosen material and the sealed seams.

The used material can be labelled as high-tech. Not only is this material very light, it is also extremely breathable and therefore perfect to wear together with some layers of cycling gear. Thanks to the comfortable, stretchy fit and the warm, raised collar, you will enjoy a lot of riding pleasure. The jacket is easy to store compactly in its own integrated pocket and especially the reflective hem on the bottom ensures better visibility.

To Rain Jacket Packable

Rain Jacket Packable

#4 - 4 SEASONS Jacket

"No matter how tough the circumstances are, thanks to FUTURUM 4 SEASONS, you don’t care anymore about how hard the challenge will be."

The weather in The Netherlands is often unpredictable, but it is precisely these conditions that make us cyclists so tough. Pushing back boundaries and coming home exhausted. The 4 SEASONS Jacket is not just the most sold cycling jacket in the Benelux. This jacket is the very first weatherproof jacket that also has a race fit and can be worn in temperatures between -5 and 15 degrees Celsius.

This 4 SEASONS jacket is by no means a jacket that hardly ventilates! We have put a lot of time into developing the very best material. The strong and durable 4 SEASONS fabric consists of three layers: the top layer is water repellent and absorbs almost no water. The middle layer is elastic and stretches wonderfully in four directions. The soft under layer contributes to comfort. This layer is insulating and moisture-regulating, so that you stay warm, but also so that perspiration is quickly removed. The jacket is characterized by a super high water resistance level, without compromising on breathing and moisture regulating abilities. You don't have to wear a cycling jersey under this jacket. A base layer is enough!

To 4 SEASONS Jacket

4 SEASONS Jacket