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Why to choose PROFORMANCE

No cyclist steps on his bike without his essential cycling sunglasses. Because of its practical use, but even more so because you want to be soigné. With FUTURUM PROFORMANCE Sunglasses, you tackle both. In this blog we will explain which sunglasses will match your individual requirements so you will never lose your #MYCHALLENGE out of sight.

#1 - PROFORMANCE Standard
#2 - PROFORMANCE Photochromic
#3 - PROFORMANCE Hydrophobic

#1 - PROFORMANCE Standard I and II

The perfect sunglasses for the everyday cyclist

FUTURUM Quality Gear’s PROFORMANCE Sunglasses Standard I allow you to enjoy perfect vision in all conditions. The frame is flexible and strong and almost indestructible. You can easily adjust the fit via the nosepiece and earpieces The anti-slip structure of the nosepiece is very comfortable and secures the glasses in place. The glasses come with three different lenses—smoke, orange and transparent—for optimal visibility in all conditions. There are two different frames available. The I comes with two lenses, seperated by the nosepiece. The II gives a more clear vision with one big lens.

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#2 - PROFORMANCE Photochromic

The photochromic lens adjusts its translucency to the conditions.

Be well prepared for all weather conditions with FUTURUM Quality Gear’s PROFORMANCE Sunglasses Photochromic. In contrary to the standard models, the photochromic lens quickly adjusts its translucency to the light conditions, so you will enjoy the best possible vision during every minute of your ride. The sunglasses provide a very comfortable fit, which can be further improved by adjusting the nosepiece and earpieces to suit the shape of your face. The frame’s strong and flexible structure ensures that it can take a few hits and will last a long time. The polycarbonate lens is also strong and scratch-resistant. These glasses provide very good protection against UV radiation and they are perfect for people who require a model with a slightly larger fit.

Hans | April 11th 2019

+ Changing lenses
+ Fit
+ Price
Sunglasses is easy to fit and the photochromic works well. Ideal with different light intensities.

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#3 - PROFORMANCE Hydrophobic

The lens features a coating that repels both water and dirt

Although all our sunglasses are perfectly suitable for all seasons, FUTURUM Quality Gear’s PROFORMANCE Sunglasses Photochromic Hydrophobic II excel in poor weather conditions in contrary to the PROFORMANCE Photochromic. Thanks to the hydrophobic coating, the lens repels both water and dirt, so you can see as well as possible when you are out on the road. The photochromic lens adjusts automatically to the surrounding light. The strong frame can take a few hits; it is almost indestructible. Enjoy a very comfortable fit at all times, thanks to the nosepiece and earpieces, which can be adjusted. These glasses are perfect for people who require a model with a slightly wider fit. photochromic hydrophobic Shop now

Highlight features

The adjustable nosepiece and earpieces ensure a perfect fit like a second skin during all your movements on the bike.

The frame is strong and flexible and almost unbreakable

All FUTURUM Quality Gear PROFORMANCE Sunglasses are delivered in a hard case

UV protection
The two separate orange and smoke lenses offer 100% UV 400 protection. So your eyes will always be protected from the heating sun and its UV-radiation.

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