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FUTURUM Quality Gear shopping guide - the right clothing for the Autumn and winter
FUTURUM Quality Gear shopping guide


Choose the right clothing for Autumn & winter

Despite the fact that temperatures are dropping, it is getting darker and the summer cycling clothes are slowly but surely being exchanged for warmer ones, we still like to keep cycling outside. In this FUTURUM Quality Gear shopping guide we share three ready-made outfits with you, so that you can continue cycling comfortably in any circumstance.

#1 - Throughout autumn and winter - The foundation of your wardrobe

4 SEASONS Jacket
4 SEASONS Bib Shorts
4 SEASONS Leg Warmers
4 SEASONS Base Layers Merino
4 SEASONS Socks Merino
PROFORMANCE Face & Neck Warmer

With this high quality FUTURUM Quality Gear outfit you can ride your bike throughout the entire autumn and winter. This clothing set is the basis of your cycling wardrobe and is suitable for temperatures from -5 to +15 degrees Celsius. The 4 SEASONS outfit uses the ultimate, elastic material, so you can enjoy a high level of waterproofing and great protection against the wind at all times, without compromising on breathability and moisture regulation. This collection with a tight, race fit can be perfectly complemented with 4 SEASONS Merino base layers and socks that provide both the body and feet with extra warmth and comfort. The base layer can be worn directly under the jacket!

Good to know:
1. Thanks to the strategically placed reflective elements on the 4 SEASONS clothing, you are clearly visible in traffic.
2. 100% satisfaction guarantee. Test the FUTURUM 4 SEASONS Bib Shorts for 14 days without any obligation!
3. Is it just a bit warmer? Then the PROFORMANCE Base Layers Extra Cool are also a great option.

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#2 - Typical drizzly day - Alternating rain and lots of wind

PROFORMANCE Wind Jacket Lightweight
PROFORMANCE Socks Meryl Skinlife

When the weather is very unpredictable and you need to make your way between the raindrops and gusts of wind, then the combination of the warm PROFORMANCE Bib Tights JORIS Thermo and the PROFORMANCE Wind Jacket Lightweight is a real must. This way you are extremely well protected against the weather, which allows you to give everything during your ride. The bib tights are made of a flexible and insulating fabric that breathes well and keeps your legs warm whilst cycling. The jacket is windproof and water repellent and performs very well together with a high-quality base layer and a cycling jersey with short sleeves. Complete your outfit with soft PROFORMANCE Socks Meryl Skinlife that stay wonderfully fresh thanks to their antibacterial properties.

Good to know:
1. Are you cold quickly? Then choose the PROFORMANCE Bib Tights JORIS Deep Winter and a 4 SEASONS Base Layer with short or long sleeves.
2. 100% satisfaction guarantee. Test the PROFORMANCE Bib Tights JORIS Thermo for 14 days without any obligation!
3. Ideal when you find the fit of the 4 SEASONS collection too tight and when you prefer to wear bib tights instead of bib shorts in the autumn.

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FUTURUM Quality Geat Rain

#3 - Fresher autumn days - Easy to adjust to the temperature

PROFORMANCE Arm- & Leg Warmers Thermo
PROFORMANCE Wind Vest Superlight
PROFORMANCE Socks Meryl Skinlife

On days when the autumn sun shines strongly, it is best to choose an outfit that can easily be adjusted to the changing temperature. The PROFORMANCE Bib Shorts JONA and a PROFORMANCE Jersey JORIS serve as a basis. The PROFORMANCE Arm- and Leg Warmers Thermo keep out the first cold and perhaps the PROFORMANCE Wind Vest Superlight is also a welcome addition during the first hour. When your body heats up, you can easily store these extras in the back pocket of your jersey and continue your ride.

Good to know:
1. Perfect set when it is still too hot for the 4 SEASONS collection.
2. The PEPIJN, the newest PROFORMANCE cycling jersey in the FUTURUM Quality Gear range, is also a great choice.
3. The PROFORMANCE Bib Shorts JONA are the most advanced bib shorts FUTURUM Quality Gear has ever developed. You can also choose the PROFORMANCE Bib Shorts JORIS. Test them both 14 days without obligation!

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