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La Marmotte 2019


Read all about the #MYCHALLENGE of the FUTURUM CHALLENGE Team 2019

The three riders of the FUTURUM CHALLENGE Team have finished la Marmotte successfully. So many riders, so many stories. So we share the three wonderful stories of Nick le Coccq, Ian Hoesle and Maarten Visser. The short version that is, because you can write a book about a day like this. The biggest resemblance between their reports is obvious: all three of them are very proud to have successfully completed this mythical cyclosportive.

All riders of the FUTURUM CHALLENGE Team have started la Marmotte with a concrete goal. The big question is of course: did they complete their #MYCHALLENGE? We asked them this question immediately after they were able to fill their stomachs after a long day in which they tamed four mythical cols. And did the presence of Markus Zingen (team manager) and Jan Maas (professional rider) give them just that extra motivation that you need on a day like that? - Leopard Pro Cycling Team



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Nick le Cocq

41, St. Lawrence, Jersey, United Kingdom

Did you enjoy climbing these mythical climbs?
"Enjoyed? In the beginning I certainly enjoyed it, these climbs are really amazing and much more beautiful than you can see on pictures. But by the time I had been riding for 6.5 hours and started the Alpe d'Huez I didn't notice this anymore, I was suffering so much."

What did you learn from participating in this edition of the Marmotte?
"Finding the right pace in the beginning is essential to get through the day. In my enthusiasm I started too fast, and later in the day I really regretted that. I had the feeling that everyone was catching up with me by the end."

Did you get any good tips from Markus and Jan that you were able to apply at la Marmotte? "It was really cool to have professionals with us. Both Jan and Markus were very open, you could ask them anything you wanted. Jan gave us some very good tips about the right clothes, what to take with you in the jersey pockets and the ideal amount of food to take with you. And certainly an important trick: how to catch a fly with your hands. This guy even has talents that come in handy outside of cycling."

Anything else you absolutely want to say?
"Riding la Marmotte was a beautiful but also painful experience. But being part of the FUTURUM CHALLENGE Team made it even more beautiful. The fantastic PROFORMANCE clothing we got for this and the great teammates who all have the same passion made it an unforgettable experience. Without the FUTURUM CHALLENGE Team I could have ridden la Marmotte, but it would have been less special. My thanks goes to FUTURUM for that."

Ian Hoesle

46, Kiel, Germany

Have you been able to assist your teammates of the FUTURUM CHALLENGE Team and vice versa?
In particular Maarten, to complete his attempt for a golden time? "I have done my utmost. I caught up with Maarten just after Valoire, at the start of the Galibier. He was very happy that I had caught up with him. But by that time it was already clear that he was not going to make his golden time objective. Together we drove to the start of the Alpe d'Huez so we could take turns at the end of the race. It was nice to ride together and it relieved our suffering somewhat. It gave us a real team feeling.

How was the feeling on Alpe d'Huez?
"Unfortunately I didn't feel so good anymore. I tried to eat regularly, maybe even more than usual, but even that didn't seem enough. I felt a bit nauseous after taking a turn. At the last water point I stopped to cool off. After that it got better, so I could at least finish. Nick descended a bit and climbed together with me for the last four kilometers. This gave me some new morale, he really tried to cheer me up."

Anything else you absolutely want to say?
"It was a really hard day because it was so hot. You had to drink constantly. The idea that I wasn't the only one who was suffering so hard did help me that day. Despite all the pain I did enjoy it. Especially the view from the Col du Glandon continues to amaze me. I also liked the challenging department very much. I had to be careful with the wind that sometimes blew a lot in the bends. After all it has been a great experience with the FUTURUM CHALLENGE Team and certainly something I didn't want to miss."

Maarten Visser

38, Nijverdal, Netherlands

How was the Galibier ascent in comparison your previous participation in La Marmotte?
"It was much warmer compared to two years ago and that made the climb from Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne a lot more difficult. On the Telegraphe I ended up with no water until the next supply in Valloire. There I really took some time to hydrate properly to prevent that I didn't drink a bottle after 5 km and ended up on the Galibier without water. Despite the heat on the Galibier I really enjoyed the beautiful view. I came less tired than the last time I was there. Ian and I climbed together and that was a really great experience,"

Unfortunately, no gold. Which was your personal objective.
"I think I didn't have enough time to get used to the altitude, the trip to the Alps on Friday was also quite tough and the nights were short. The weather was beautiful but for me just a little on the warm side. A combination of factors, but I had already adjusted my goal a little earlier. I wanted to enjoy the ride and that worked out very well!"

Have you had any good tips from Markus and Jan van Leopard Pro Cycling that you were able to apply during la Marmotte?
"Especially that I didn't have to start too fast and had to eat and drink well."

Anything else you absolutely want to say?
"I want to thank the whole team for this great experience! As for the gold, I'm just going back next year!"



Reaching the top, beating a teammate or breaking your personal record - every cyclist fights to meet his challenge. We are aware of your feelings. Whether it is the excruciating pain in your legs or the indescribable sense of fulfillment when the ride is over. You are a winner. FUTURUM Quality Gear rides with you.