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FUTURUM Quality Gear bib shorts
Bib Shorts


Why to choose PROFORMANCE

No piece of cycling wear demands so precise decision making than a bib shorts. In our PROFORMANCE collection you will find three high-end ranges: JONA, JORIS and PEPIJN. In this blog we will explain which bib shorts will match your individual requirements.

One likes to ride a bike more than three times a week, the other rides ‘only’ 30 kilometers per week. One likes a bit of compression, for others this is less important. For some, an ergonomic shape and comfortable padding is already sufficient, for others an optimal antibacterial effect of the seat pad is desired and then there are riders who especially value the best ventilation of the chamois. These are just three examples of requirements that can differ from person to person. With our JONA, JORIS and PEPIJN Bib Shorts, you will always find the bib shorts that will support you in taking on your #MYCHALLENGE.

Bib Shorts

All PROFORMANCE Bib Shorts in one overview



The most advanced bib shorts FUTURUM Quality Gear has ever developed

Everyone who rides his bike a lot knows that every detail can make the difference between a good and an excellent ride. Therefore, we paid so much attention to all those little details during the development process. It makes the JONA Bib Shorts the pinnacle of the PROFORMANCE collection. FUTURUM Quality Gear has been able to combine the best material with the most innovative technologies.

Bib Shorts JONA

The JONA Bib Shorts is made from high-end materials that are very elastic and stretch in four directions. What you notice is that the material offers compression, so that your muscles already have the chance to recover whilst performing. The used material is lightweight and thanks to its race fit, JONA feels like a second skin. Do not hesitate to use these bib shorts in the summer. The fabric is extremely breathable and offers UV 50+ protection. All in all, the JONA Bib Shorts provide great comfort, topnotch performances and unmatched satisfaction for every cyclist.

PRO seat pad
Inside the heart of the JONA Bib Shorts, you will find FUTURUM Quality Gear’s PRO seat pad. Like every other seat pad in FUTURUM Quality Gear shorts and tights, a special production technology is used. By shaving off the parts of the foam, which are not needed to create the shape of the padding, the density of the specific foam remains equal over the entire surface of the insert. The chamois is perforated and offers an optimal airflow and superb shock absorbing characteristics. The zigzag structure of carbon fibers makes sure that the chamois is antibacterial, so it remains wonderfully fresh. The used high density foam is superlight and makes sure you experience maximum comfort with a thickness of just ten millimeters. The outer sides are made of four millimeter thick memory foam. Therefore the seat pad adapts perfectly to the anatomy of the body and the movement on the bike.

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Used by the PROS of Leopard Pro Cycling and equipped with amazing features

It is not without a reason that the JORIS Bib Shorts is the PROFORMANCE bestseller in the Benelux. The shorts just offer all the features you require from a good pair of cycling shorts, at a very fair price point. During their races, the PROS of Leopard Pro Cycling experience optimal comfort during all their efforts. Think about great breathability as a result of the perforation of the COMP seat pad and the mesh bibs, but also think about the Coldblack technology. This technology reduces the build-up of heat and provides UV protection at the same time. The JORIS Bib Shorts are therefore more than suitable to wear in great weather conditions.

Bib Shorts JORIS

Compared to the JONA Bib Shorts, the JORIS model offers less compression, but does not shy away from performing as well in terms of stretch, UV protection and breathability. The high-quality Italian fabrics guarantee a perfect fit at all times. If you are looking for more than decent cycling shorts, full of great characteristics, the JORIS Bib Shorts is definitely your choice! It does not matter if you are planning to ride 20, 50 or 100 kilometers.

COMP seat pad
For the COMP seat pad in the JORIS Bib Shorts, we use the same innovative production process, which is used for the top of the line model JONA. By being ergonomically shaped, the chamois eliminates pressure points so that you can focus on performing, no matter how far you ride. This seat pad is made from quick drying materials that are able to extract moisture well. At the same time, a good breathability is ensured thanks to perforation in the pad. The used carbon yarns have an antibacterial effect, which keeps the seat pad fresh.

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Our challenger bib shorts with an unmatched price performance ratio

The PEPIJN Bib Shorts is more than just your regular classic black bib shorts. This model combines high-end materials with pro features and great details at a price below € 70.-. PEPIJN is shaped in a semi-race fit and has been equipped with a seat pad that has been formed ergonomically. This means that you will experience great cushioning and thanks to the lightweight materials you will have a comfortable feeling during your rides as a result.

Bib Shorts PEPIJN

Just like JONA and JORIS, the PEPIJN Bib Shorts offer advantages in terms of breathability, which is mainly due to the mesh bibs and the RIDE seat pad. Furthermore, the bib shorts offer smart details such as a silicon gripper to keep the shorts in place during your efforts. Reflective markings that offer visibility and safety in low-light conditions is another great example.

RIDE seat pad
Again, a lot of attention has been paid to the details, when developing the RIDE seat pad. The breathable seat pad has been formed ergonomically and feels really like a second skin during all your movements on the bike. Just like the COMP and PRO seat pad, the same shaving technology has been applied to have an equal density of foam throughout the pad. Irritating pressure points are therefore history, so nothing stands in your way to reach your #MYCHALLENGE.

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